A man and his moo moo

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Approved by the Dancing Milk
Approved by the Dancing Milk.

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There once was a man, who was completely, and udderly utterly obsessed, with milk... which he called moo moo? The man walked into a diner 5 inches from where I am right now with a 12 gauge googel gauge Dick Cheney gauge Rascal Flats guage shot gun and shot half the people in there. Then he asked where they kept the "moo moo". All the people told him it was in that fridgerator. He screamed at the top of his lungs, "YOUR LIEING TO ME!!! THEY HAVE TO BE IN A SAFE SOMEWHERE!!!". Then he shot every other living thing in the diner, except the cow...

A cow? good enough[edit]

After everyone was dead except the cow and him, he found the moo moo, in the safe. He shot open the safe with, not his shotgun, but the cows udder. You would guess that the milk wouldn't do anything, but the cow was diseased and shot out harmful acids instead, destroying the safe. The man shot the cow then took the moo moo, and drank it all.

The escape[edit]

By the time he was done all the county police were there and they got in a huge fire fight. I, only 5 inches away, got shot in the leg. That is why I am writing this right now, because I can't move and have nothing better to do. Anyway the moo moo obsessed fiend shoots a gas tank and blows up all the cops. I, however, had crawled away by then, losing quite a bit of blood sadly. The man then rode a pimped out cow out of there. The cow got 120 miles to the gallon and had LCD flatscreen TV. It was totally, totally, awesome. He ripped out of there at 200 miles an hour.