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This guy thinks this article should be featured, but hell.. who cares?! He's just some annoying Dutchman!!!

This is A great article, for that reason: it should be featured!

Ten reasons why this article is great:

  1. It's in the very name you dumbass!
  2. It's written by a highly intellectual and sophisticated person
  3. Bacause your mum says so!
  4. Bacause this is point nr. 4!
  5. Bacause point nr. 4 is always right!
  6. Bacause the author can't spell "because"
  7. Bacause... Because is always spelled as bacause in a great article!
  8. Bacause... daarom! Kop houden! Hij moet gewoon gefeatured worden en niet gedeletete... ofzo...
  9. Bacause the author actually understands line number 8!
  10. Bacause it has ten reasons to be a great article
  11. Bacause the author can't count

And now, what you have all been waiting for:[edit]

A stupid Dutch joke![edit]

Tally Ho!![edit]

A farmer has 10 chickens;
Five whites and five whites;
What's the name of his dog?

Yeah... we don't get it either, but we're sure it's very funny and worthy of being in a great article (that should be featured).