A Wackypedian

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All it really takes to be a Wackypedian is to visit a couple of times and not barf too loudly.

But to be a hardcore Wackypedian, he/she/it must be:

  • Loyal, brave, reverent and clean. Thought that made you a Boy Scout, didn't you? But being a human or incredible simulation, you can just pretend like everyone else.
  • so aware of sonk and eeble sonk that the words slip out in conversation, attracting curious geese
  • probably a vandal that can almost write in whole sentences
  • the proud owner of four heads or less to prevent arguments and confusion
  • someone/something who walks the fine line between reality and Belgium
  • able to turn into an 8-dimensional tesseract but is just too tired to do so

Pretend to see[edit]