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In Soviet Russia, quarter pound YOU!!!

~ Russian reversal on McDonald's

Quarter pound YOU!!!, Soviet Russia in.

~ Yoda on Russian reversal

Project A McDonald's in Moscow was an ingenious operation devised by the Russian KGB during the later half of the 1950's. Its main task was to weed out American sympathizers by opening a McDonalds just outside the area that many people have mistaken for the Red Square. It was felt that any similarity to America would hinder Russia's international credibility, and any payment to such an obvious American Icon was active aggression against mother Russia.

The Wine bottler is watching you.

At the height of the Cold War, over 23.9 Russians per day were charged with treason, when in fact they were just hungry. During this high-intensity stage of the operation, several saying came into existence which resembled their American counterparts, including the replacing of "It's Mac time" with the slightly less popular "It's shallow-grave time". This national advertising campaign was a short-lived affair.

With the project being so successful, a German version was also trialed, "Berlin Wendy's". Due to supreme German efficiency however, the shop had so much business that soon almost all Germans had an insatiable desire to eat hot dog sausages, a trend that continues today.

By the 1980's most residents had decided to avoid McDonald's, as all who ventured inside for the prospect of a 50c ice-cream cone had the uncanny ability to "fall backwards onto 3 bullets" as the authorities had put it. After the project had been dissolved, the Russian government invited the actual McDonalds Franchise to open shops throughout Moscow and the greater Russian country-side. Their stores were met with an unusually high amount of fear, and until the "McWeArentGoingToMurderYou" burger was introduced had very little business.

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