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You are what you eat!

~ Pajama-man

No you aren't, Pajama man. Go away.

Fine. *sob sob sob*

~ Pajama-man


Firstly, you are not what you eat.

Then, are you what you drink? I WANT TO BE COLA!

~ Pajama-man

No you aren't.

You are not what you eat or drink.

Then are you what you inhale? Swallow? Devour?

~ Pajama-man

No, no and no *pulls out shotgun*.

Now that he's out of the way, you will know learn all you need to know on you.



What are you[edit]

Firstly, you are not

  • what you eat
  • what you drink
  • or inhale
  • what you swallow
  • or devour
  • not you
  • not myself. (for those who have identity crisis, no offense.)

Those things are what you are.

You are stating the obvious, you.

~ Him

Ya, so it seems. Too bad my shotgun is out of bullets. I could really use one right now.

Firstly, you are

  • not what you eat
  • drink
  • inhale
  • swallow
  • devour
  • you
  • or in your case, myself.

Still stating the obvious, you.

~ Him

Hey, a bullet on the floor!

Who are you[edit]

You are who? Doctor Who? Nope. You are you.

So, in other words.

Who are you?

Answer: I am you.

So you can be one of these:

  • me
  • you
  • me or you
  • yu
  • myself
  • some guy
  • me
  • I
  • what i am
  • my self
  • my body
  • one whole
  • whole
  • one world, one dream

Okay, the last one was for Beijing but you get the point.

1 point for you. No points for him. 10 points for me, cause i did 2 headshots. I think i get the prize.

Now, look in the camera and say:

I am smarter than a 5th grader.

Yes, you are. ON to the next bit.

Where you are[edit]

You are where? Where, you are. Okay.

In one simple explanation, you are in either one of these places:

  • here
  • there
  • somewhere
  • where
  • hear
  • in this place
  • area
  • *points to map*
  • where you are
  • somewhere over the rainbow

Okay, so Dorothy's lost. No big deal. She probably drowned in a pot of gold. Leprechaun's baaad.

And no, you are not:

  • here
  • or there
  • on this map
  • in a different country
  • where you are not.
  • over the rainbow.


Why are you[edit]

Why am i what?

Why are you:

  • ugly
  • fat
  • distorted
  • traumatized for life
  • unlucky
  • lucky
  • not unlucky
  • happy
  • thin
  • retarded
  • dumb
  • stupid
  • insane
  • kept in a clinic?
  • dying
  • dead
  • crying
  • in a cradle
  • eating pie
  • having fun
  • dancing
  • falling
  • tripping
  • having an accident
  • doing things
  • doing something not on this list.

And since then, everything was on this list. And not too shabby, eh?

And lastly, how are you?[edit]

If so asked this question, the reply is

  • fine
  • fined
  • good
  • guten tag
  • nice
  • and you?
  • not bad
  • not too shabby, eh?
  • great
  • horrible

And so, now you know who you are, i hope you understand the laws of physics better. Happy birthday, grandpa.