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Prounounced as-dee-f-gee-h-jay-kay-l-; but no one can pronounce ; so you have a problem. This is a commonly used language for homicidal maniacs weird people. This is their whole alfabeto. which means alphabet. but spanish people invented this so in all languages this is called the alfabeto. Mostly Kindergarten Pre-K and Toddlers only speak Alfabeto. But they always stumble on the ;. Well thats ok. Even i can't pronounce ;.

How Alfabeto got founded[edit]

Some badly clothed Three Year old went to their parent's computer. They found ASDFGHJKL; on a keyboard. They were too lazy to type QWERTYUIOP or ZXCVBNM. Preschoolers are too lazy these days. This badly clothed three year old was eager into making her own language. Since she was spanish she named it Alfabeto. No not The Alfabeto or else you are referring to ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ which is The Alphabet. As you can tell Alfabeto was Alphabet in spanish.

How the A was founded[edit]

This badly clothed preschooler made up of random Mount Jeffmore of papers and papers spawned by papers devouring papers knows the first half of the alphabet. She loves stuff that is first and since A is in the regular alphabet the first one then she decided to make some similarity between them so she put A first.

How the S was founded[edit]

When she and people around her speaked she found them constantly making the S sound, and she likes that sharp sound, so she made it the second letter of Alfabeto.

How the D was founded[edit]

Her name begins with the letter D so of course the D had its place in Alfabeto.

How the F was founded[edit]

This little preschooler found curse words funny and she uses it all the time, and her favorite and first learned curse word was the f word so she decided to make it the Fourth letter of Alfabeto.

How the G was founded[edit]

This preschooler prays to God everyday so she made G the fifth letter in Alfabeto.

How the H was founded[edit]

Her big 10 year old brother says What the Heck all the time. She liked the way the word Heck sounded so she made H the sixth letter of Alfabeto.

How the J was founded[edit]

Her boyfriend's name is Jack so of course this was the Seventh Letter of Alfabeto.

How the K was founded[edit]

Kangaroo is this girl's favorite animal so it is the Eight Letter of Alfabeto.

And, finally, how the L was founded[edit]

She loves people fiercer than Lions so it is the Ninth Letter of Alfabeto.

The ; is the tenth CHARACTER not LETTER but we do not know how the ; was founded.

Like I said weird people use the alfabeto and so do tots. This is a really important alphabet.


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