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ANT! is not to be confused with Rant, Pants, Ant, Dante, Alakazam, or UNCLE. BLAH.

What is an ANT[edit]

DONT USE LOWERCASE when writing ANT, because, ANT is how it is spelled, not ant, but ANT. Good, you are learning....or I hope you are.

An ANT is a big ant, made of capital letters, A, N and T, as well as chinese herbs, medicine and marshmallows, you might want to eat something for breakfast, your breath smells. Or maybe it's because ANT likes to eat onion, garlic, garlick, breed, bread, circuit boards, and other miscellaneous smelly objects.



Not RANT, PANT, ant, rant, pant, punt, POONT, or Dibble. So please, it is no dog to be dogged about. YEESHKA! The ANT contains vital Chinese herbs to Chinese living, chinese people that are living, leaving, and Chinese leaving.

Yes, ANT is a Chinese man.