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Suprisingly you and your larger than average ego fitted down the pan. You're speeding down the pipeworks at a million miles an hour, and it's getting rather boring. Oh look, a piece of poo... and another one... Ooo another! Anyway, you emerge at the bottom of the pineline and land dead hard on your back. It hurts quite badly. You are now in a sewage circuit of some kind. All you can see are pipelines and the sewers leading in all directions. Rummaging around as you help yourself up, you find a Swiss Army Knife.

Da-da-da-daaa! You obtain a Swiss Army Knife! Now you can cut stuff and things.

Whey! Chubson lost that ages ago. Better return that to him when you can. But for now, gotta get yourself out of this weird place.

You are entirley alone, no sign of life around you, not even a rat. There is nothing but sewage stretching ahead. Wee, poo, and all that jazz. Happy travelling!