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      You are probably here by mistake and searching for Taylor Swift, no doubt?

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You quickly hide in the Cat Food cupboard. You peek from the gap of the cupboard door. The dark figure of a man enters the kitchen, wearing black robes and wielding a siethe. It's Death! He's come to get you! Oh noes!

"Hmm. I'm hungry...."

Death potters around in the kitchen, emptying the cupboards and grimacing at each choice of food. "Damn it. Nothing but healthy stuff. Thought it'd be all junk being student accomodation. Wait a minute. What do we have here...? You curl up and become tense as you realise that you're in the only cupboard he hasn't looked in. Slowly you peek again through the gap of the door, and notice him coming closer and closer and closer... oh noes! Youre a goner!

Death opens the cupboard door. He stares at you with nothing but the prospect of cooking you on his mind. Then he catches sight of the label on the door.
"Cat Food? Aw darn it. I'm allergic to that."

He closes the door, mistaking you for Cat Food. Heh, Death sure is one silly old fool! Death returns to the front room and rummages around looking for more food. This is your chance to make a run for it. You stupidly decide to go to the toilet. Death is too into his food hunt so you just walk casually to the toilet.