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You jump up to the ceiling and hide like they do in the movies. A dark figure enters the kitchen, wearing black robes and holding a siethe. You realise that this is Death! :O And he's come to look for victims! You think about spitting on him for what he's done to your flatmate, but then you remember that Chubson is just a silly little bugger and he's not worth you risking your life for. Death picks up a pickle off the floor, sniffs it and then returns to the front room. Phew, that was close. You get down from the ceiling and peek around the wall to see what Death is up to. He's inspecting your Playstation console and talks to Chubson while doing so;

"Hey, fore eyes. I'll give you a pickle if you can beat me at PES. Heh heh heh."

You see this as a grand opportunity to make a break for the toilet while he's making banging noises on his bones with the controller pad figuring out how to work the controller. You rush to the loo and lock yourself in. Phew, you are now safe from the craziness.