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You stand still pretending to be a statue, posing like you just scored a goal on PES. The dark figure of a man enters the kitchen, wearing black robes and possesing a siethe. You realise... that this is Death!! :O. He potters around the kitchen, seemingly not noticing you there. He explores the fridge and grabs a bottle o' Bud. He exclaims estatically;

"Ahhh, beer.... the cause and solution of all mans problems. And I don't care that I got that quote from watching the Simpsons. It's an entertaining show..."

He makes his way back to the living room, before stopping and looking at you. He stares at you for a while, analysing you from head to toe. He then opens his beer bottle on your teeth. He looks at the bottle and smugly says:

"That's one good bottle opener. I should get myself one of those. Kill a human, stuff him..."

Phew, that was a close one. You stop pretending to be a statue and watch him sit down at the couch. He takes a swig from the beer. picks up the Playstation controller and starts to play on your game. He then puts his feet up onto Chubson, who whimpers. Eww, he's pissing himself. Don't look don't look!

Ahh, Death left the toilet door open. You decide to make a break for the toilet while Death is distracted. He doesn't notice you so you just walk to it and go in. Huh, Death sure is one thick fool.