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It's no use, he's too much out of control. Saddam Hussain darts around the room. He looks a bit stoned. You notice that the toilet door is half way open, and make a run for it. Everything suddenly goes into slow motion. You emerge from underneath the coffee table. Saddam Hussain notices you and a wave of shock comes over his face, which turns to anger. He points the gun towards you and chases you. You make a heroic dive for the toilet as mad Saddam Hussain follows and shoots his tommy gun like crazy. You land on the toilet floor door, get up and lock it behind you. There is silence, and then a few seconds later you hear a thud against the door

"Ow! WAAAHHH!! Mummy? The toilet door hurt my nose. Please make it better.. Oh wahhhh......"

The voice fades as he leaves. Wahoo! You made it! You safe from the madness.