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Heh heh! This is fun. You throw Wotsits at Chubson, admiring the great tying skills slayed upon him. Chubson muffles perfranities at you. You just know it's pissing him off, his glasses are starting to steam up. Oh wait, those muffling noises weren't Chubson. There is a voice coming from the toilet. Peeing noises. And a phone conversation. You sneak to the toilet door and place your ear against it...

:"These student folk are real messy you know. You'd think Satan himself lived here. Honestly he never cleans up, always leaves everything for me to sort. He's nothing but a lazy sonofabitch. Oh... Yeah.... yeah sure, I get what you mean entirley God mate. But there are cheats you know, you don't have to go to such extremes to make the humans do what you want. That's what Gamesharks are for..... No, I don't agree with it. It's demoralising and sucks the fun out of stuff. My way is to make 'em suffer, not make em entertaining!"


Oh no, whoever it is has finished with their business. And judging by the sound of their voice they won't be stopping to wash their hands. You dash into the kitchen and hide behind the wall, Metal Gear Solid style. You peek around the wall as the toilet door slowly creaks open. You see nobody emerge. In a brief puzzled state you reach for the pickle jar, and smash it on the floor! SHUSH! THEYLL HEAR YOU! Shit, you hear footseps coming to the kitchen.