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You ignore the knock and carry on playing PES. But the knocks persist... and even stronger this time.


"Wh..who the hell is that?" Chubson whimpers yet again into his Trivium pull over. Sigh, what a softie. You pause your PES game and go to answer the front door. You open it, to find nobody there. Perplexed you return to the living room. You shout as you walk through the hall;

"That's flippin' annoyin'. There was nobody there. It's probably just some homeless guy going door to door begging for a place to stay..."

You return to the living room to find Chubson tied up. But not with rope or anything... with himself. He's gagged with his shoe and literally been tied into knots with his arms and legs in front of the couch. Now this is weird! Nobody was at the door, and nobody else is in the flat with you.