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You bug Chubson until he gives in and goes to answer it.

"Fine then. But if I don't come back, you're not having my Wotsits stash!"

He walks into the hallway and goes to answer the door. You hear snippets of the conversation as you rattle around with PES.

"Oh no thanks. We don't want any free accomodation, we have that already. Yeah my mum slept with... I mean bribed the security men to get me in here..."

You score a goal on PES.

"YEAAAAAAAAAHH!! WOOOHOOO!!! GET IN MY SON! Well in Ximeles, you're actually quite good! Hey Chubson, hurry up you idiot it's getting cold with that door open."

You feel a chill come over you, and so decide to go and see what's taking Chubson so long. You get up to investigate the hallway to find Chubson not there and the front door wide open. Perplexed, you return to the living room.

All of a sudden, the TV switches off. The stereo comes on its own and plays the 9th Symphony. The window bursts open and in flies an angel. WTF??? It's Saddam Hussain! And he has a huuuge tommy gun. He starts to fire the gun in time with the music, as if playing it as a percussion instrument. He opens fire and you jump under the coffe table for cover. For some reason you think about Chubson in your near death experience. What do you do?