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You are in your Student Accomodation with your flatmate Chubson. Everybody else is out. It's a slow and boring night, so wasting it with PES in the living room seems the sensible thing to do. It starts to rain, really badly like.

"Come on, Alex. I want to play too" Chubson whimpered. You don't care though, 'cause it's your PS2 and you can do whatever the hell you want with it.
"Feck off," You tell him, "Last time you put a cheeze slice into the CD drive, and you remember what happened then don't you?"
"Shut up! I thought it was a cheeze grater house"

Playing on PES6, you taunt Chubson as you bash the buttons of the controller.


There is a haunting knock at the door. What do you do?