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The distinctive sign and colors insures this a genuine 7-11.

7-11s are convenience stores used to fill out the remaining corner across from the Starbucks on the other three.

Originally named for their intended opening dates each month, 7-11s are now typically open 24 hours a day and longer. Therefore, their customers include insomniacs, drunks kicked out of bars, vampires and hungry or thirsty creatures that may or may not be human beings.

Those supposed beings will have a wide selection of alcohol and other drinks to choose from. Groceries and sundries in cute tiny sizes are available, so that buyers don't have to worry about how to use up the massive packages of stuff that other stores sell. After all, 7-11 customers are usually in a stolen car or have crawled in and don't have the ability to carry home that 1024 roll pack of toilet paper.

Best of all, 7-11s have everyone's favorite gas station hot dogs and other snacks that have been carefully kept heated all day/week/month long. 7-11's key offering is the icy treat, the Slurpee, with a bank of the machines lining one wall with only one flavor available at any one time. This relieves customers of having to decide which flavor to get.