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ThisThis articlearticle isis 3-dimensional3-dimensional. YouYou maymay nownow amuseamuse thosethose aroundaround youyou byby equippingequipping thosethose ridiculousridiculous glassesglasses hiddenhidden awayaway inin youryour sockssocks drawerdrawer.

FlatworldersFlatworlders, super-dimensionalsuper-dimensional beingsbeings, andand theoreticaltheoretical physicistsphysicists areare advisedadvised toto staystay outout forfor theirtheir ownown safetysafety. IfIf you'reyou're anan astronautastronaut oror otherwiseotherwise familiarfamiliar withwith 3-dimensional3-dimensional workwork, feelfeel freefree toto editedit itit.


ForFor thosethose withoutwithout comediccomedic tastes,tastes, thethe so-called-expertsso-called-experts atat WikipediaWikipedia havehave anan articlearticle aboutabout AnaglyphAnaglyph imageimage.

3D3D glassesglasses, alsoalso calledcalled anaglyphanaglyph glassesglasses, areare aa typetype ofof glassesglasses thatthat cancan bebe usedused toto givegive anan otherwiseotherwise twotwo dimensionaldimensional imageimage, texttext oror filmfilm threethree dimensionaldimensional depthdepth. 3D3D glassesglasses areare usedused mainlymainly forfor entertainmententertainment, moviesmovies inin particularparticular, andand toto aa lesserlesser degreedegree inin sciencescience. TheThe glassesglasses themselvesthemselves havehave twotwo differentlydifferently coloredcolored lenseslenses, oneone inin redred andand oneone inin blueblue.


How How it it works works

WhenWhen oneone lookslooks atat anan imageimage thatthat hashas twotwo differentdifferent perspectivesperspectives, thethe visualvisual cortexcortex inin thethe humanhuman brainbrain automaticallyautomatically fusesfuses thethe twotwo imagesimages intointo aa compositecomposite imageimage thatthat appearsappears toto havehave aa 3D3D depthdepth wherewhere nono depthdepth existsexists, atat leastleast notnot fromfrom aa physicalphysical standpointstandpoint. FurthermoreFurthermore, whenwhen youyou looklook intointo aa 3D3D imageimage, thethe imageimage alsoalso lookslooks intointo youyou, asas FriedrichFriedrich NietzscheNietzsche wouldwould havehave saidsaid. TheThe twotwo boxesboxes belowbelow willwill forfor instanceinstance becomebecome nearlynearly fourfour dimensionaldimensional ifif youyou wouldwould looklook atat themthem withwith 3D3D glassesglasses; theythey maymay eveneven comecome outout ofof youryour monitormonitor toto killkill youyou.

     .,———————-,     .,———————-,
   /  |                    /   |   /  |                    /   |
  /   |                   /    |  /   |                   /    |
 /—+—————+    | /—+—————+    |
|     |                  |     ||     |                  |     |
|     |                  |     ||     |                  |     |
|     |                  |     ||     |                  |     |
|    +—————+—-/|    +—————+—-/
|   /                    |    /|   /                    |    /
|  /                     |   / |  /                     |   / 
 '————————-' '————————-'
YouYou mustmust focusfocus onon thethe crosscross, oror thethe boxesboxes maymay notnot comecome alivealive andand eateat youyou.
ThisThis isis howhow aa pairpair ofof 3D3D glassesglasses looklook. YouYou shouldshould considerconsider wearingwearing aa pairpair whilewhile readingreading thisthis articlearticle, oror youyou couldcould trytry somesome 3D3D gogglesgoggles, tootoo.

TheThe historyhistory ofof 3D3D glassesglasses

TheThe historyhistory ofof 3D3D glassesglasses goesgoes backback toto thethe daysdays ofof AncientAncient GreeceGreece andand thethe madmad inventorinventor ArchimedesArchimedes, whowho, forfor nono apparentapparent reasonreason, hadhad aa deepdeep hatredhatred forfor thethe colorcolor greengreen andand soughtsought outout aa wayway toto eradicateeradicate itit fromfrom thethe universeuniverse entirelyentirely. ToTo thisthis endend, hehe beganbegan thethe constructionconstruction ofof aa terribleterrible weaponweapon ofof greatgreat destructivedestructive powerpower, aa pairpair ofof glassesglasses thatthat wouldwould notnot onlyonly filterfilter outout thethe colorcolor greengreen fromfrom aa person'sperson's fieldfield ofof sightsight, butbut alsoalso grantgrant itsits wearerwearer fullfull omnipotenceomnipotence.

ArchimedesArchimedes createdcreated aa pairpair ofof glassesglasses withwith twotwo differentlydifferently coloredcolored lenseslenses inin redred andand blueblue, whichwhich hehe surmisedsurmised wouldwould cancelcancel outout thethe colorcolor greengreen fromfrom hishis fieldfield ofof sightsight. TheThe redred lenslens waswas mademade ofof rubyruby quartzquartz, whilewhile thethe blueblue lenslens waswas mademade ofof sapphiresapphire. TheThe framesframes waswas mademade outout ofof kittenskittens. InIn modernmodern timestimes, howeverhowever, thethe lenseslenses wouldwould bebe mademade outout ofof ordinaryordinary dyeddyed glassglass oror, forfor thethe cheapercheaper varietiesvarieties, plasticsplastics.

ArchimedesArchimedes discovereddiscovered toto hishis dismaydismay thatthat thethe glassesglasses neitherneither canceledcanceled outout thethe colorcolor greengreen (sincesince thethe redred andand blueblue colorscolors wouldwould mixmix withwith otherother colorscolors inin naturenature andand mimicmimic variousvarious shadesshades ofof greengreen) nornor givegive himhim omnipotentomnipotent powerspowers. HeHe diddid, howeverhowever, discoverdiscover thatthat somesome paintingspaintings lookedlooked moremore vividvivid andand livelylively, asas oneone mightmight saysay, thanthan usualusual. ThisThis waswas thethe originorigin ofof thethe ideaidea behindbehind 3D3D glassesglasses.


The The cyan cyan revolution revolution

TheThe cyancyan revolutionrevolution startedstarted inin 19921992 whenwhen AlbertAlbert "Danger""Danger" GoreGore, knownknown GreenGreen PartyParty sympathisersympathiser waswas searchingsearching forfor aa wayway toto increaseincrease thethe impactimpact ofof hishis upcomingupcoming filmfilm, ForrestForrest GoreGore. MaeMae ZedongZedong, aa closeclose friendfriend ofof hishis andand anan avidavid historianhistorian ofof AncientAncient GreeceGreece, suggestedsuggested thatthat hehe designdesign hishis filmfilm toto bebe viewedviewed withwith 3D3D glassesglasses.

WhileWhile GoreGore waswas highlyhighly enthusiasticenthusiastic aboutabout thethe glassesglasses, hehe feltfelt thatthat thethe wayway theythey distorteddistorted thethe colorcolor greengreen totallytotally ruinedruined hishis light-greenlight-green subliminalsubliminal messagesmessages workedworked intointo thethe filmfilm. ConsultingConsulting hishis friendsfriends atat AOLAOL, hehe discovereddiscovered thatthat ifif thethe rightright eyeeye waswas colouredcoloured cyancyan insteadinstead ofof blueblue, thethe colorcolor greengreen wouldwould comecome outout undistortedundistorted. WhileWhile thethe Gore'sGore's filmfilm onlyonly hadhad marginalmarginal successsuccess, thethe profitsprofits fromfrom CyanCyan 3D3D glassesglasses, usedused extensivelyextensively byby boredbored theoreticaltheoretical physicistsphysicists andand chemistschemists toto makemake moleculesmolecules looklook moremore interestinginteresting, havehave beenbeen reportedreported asas "enormous""enormous".


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