2149 AD

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Greetings from the future!

We can't talk directly to you, but we can do a tachyon-to-electron conversion and leave a message that way. We don't know exactly where this will end up, but we know the internet is well-used in your time, so it will be seen by someone. The message is as follows:


Jeezus, couldn't you guys do any better to avoid global climate change??? All of us are crowded onto the tops of mountains and it's pissing off Andorra. And would it have killed you to do more recycling??? We still have to clean up piles of Solo cups from your time washed up on the beaches. And there's nothing left to eat except the soft kind of Cheetos!!! Bleah! Excuse us while we Islamic-Baptists leave to go fling a couple of nukes at the Scientolo-Catholics attacking us. Just to let you know, when we get the Terminator built, Sarah Connor isn't gonna be the only one to get an asswhipping!!! Thank you for your attention.

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