211 Steel Reserve

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The high-gravity content of 211 Steel Reserve can suck you right down to the center of the Earth.

211 Steel Reserve is a high-gravity malt liquor. "High-gravity" means high alcohol content and carries all the meanings it implies. After a couple of cans, your feet will be like lead like you were walking on Jupiter. And like the Sun's gravity, drinking Steel Reserve outside will attract an entire galaxy of neighbors and people you don't know. And more gravity comes when those folks all get drunk and start a riot on your front porch. So you really get your money's worth.

With all that alcohol, evaporation is a problem. The strong smell of alcohol smell wafting through the air is always appealing, but think twice about lighting up a cigar or a joint since everyone and everything can go up in flames. Since it is just alcohol, you'll just lose your eyebrows so it's not a huge tragedy. But the loss of all that alcohol is. So drink fast. And keep an eye on your can. You may think it's evaporation making the malt liquor disappear, but it might be someone sitting next to you taking secret sips. Or the dog.

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