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Iraq in 2004 was exciting, I watched it on TV and I was excited. Very. Haha, look at them! Bet they are having a fun time!

Hmmm? What happened in 2004? Oh I remember! Heh I said member! Hehewhehehehreh....


It was all very dark, I seem to remember and I think I had some sort of roll but it got lost in a strange vortex in late July. Hmmm... The memory of an Illogicopedian's brain is very blurry so please scuse me.

25 days later

Er... Oh yes, I remember! Heheheterehe I SAID MEMBER! oh erm... let's see now. In 2004 I think I got my first pet panda, and then it regurgitated on my R. Crumb t shirt and then... It was 2004 for sure, though.


OK, so it was really 2004 and not that other year, the one with the triffids and the post apocalyptic visions that I had. Long before the Egg and chocolate roll, erm... and a very long time preceding the night of the living horror movies. And a very, very long time before the Dark abyss of Jesus's resurrection. I said erection! LOL! Erm...


Maybe I should take some memory pills!


A giraffe looked at me.