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2000.5 is an authorized and fully sanctioned re-release of the year 2000, since many people today look back on 2000 as a bit of a disappointment in terms of what people perceived 2000 to be vs. what it actually was like. The ".5" suffix was chosen by a panel of world leaders to conveniently place 2000.5 between 2000 and 2001 when sorting USENET posts.

History of the Year 2000 and why it sucked[edit]

The year 2000 was born on January 1st 2000, and it came at a time of global turmoil and upheaval. The top three countries (America, United Kingdom of America and Austreica) were headed by leaders that were incompetent and poor in comparison to the futurist's exciting forcasts made during the 20th century:



  • Predicted to be led by Bill Oddie
  • In reality was led by Tony Bleaugh


  • Predicted to be led by A coalition managed between the late Crocodile Hunter & the late Peter Brock
  • In reality was led by John Coward

Other disappointments in the Year 2000 include:

  • The Y2K bug disappointed millions by not forcing traffic lights to turn red and cause car crashes, and computers to develop sharp teeth in order to eat their human masters.
  • Windows ME
  • Petrol priced outrageously at 50c per gallon
  • A distinct lack of terrorism worldwide and a shortfall of illegal wars.
  • Contrary to the predictions of Nostradamus, Oscar Wilde did not emerge from his grave.

The year 2000 died disgracefully on December 31st 2000, destitute and leaving no money in its will for 2001.

Installing 2000.5 on your brain[edit]

There is a great demand amongst folk to wipe the painful memories of 2000 away and install the fresher, neater 2000.5 in their heads. Installation of 2000.5 is easy and is just like plugging in an iPod into your computer, only the 'iPod' in this case is a 10ft, 300 pound metal implant that is driven into the front area of your skull with a drill bit and a soldering iron.

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