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Erm, yeah. Leet is a brand new flavoured cordial from Robinsons which can be drunk or ingested via the earhole.

Please, save us from this insanity! I fear the world will collapse upon itself otherwise.


I dont know what to do i was just walkinh olh my hole!!!! and then it hit me a bat! a bat! bayt? FEGS? well uyou uou uo uo see i was on a boat the feggit nit hit me! a bat under the whole hole! OXIMORONS!!!!!!!!!!feggits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and flute. the bird is a flute it flirts with danger its fists arte huge man (BIRD WITH FISTS AHEAD!) i mean a bird with a FIST WAS IT! I DONT KNOW HOW IT HAS FISTS MAN! I MEAN BIRDS DONT HfegsAVE HANDS.... or ham. and then it happened. a school bus came and it fell on me. THAT FEG. i dont know why but it was a bus and then i was in a fegs nest. it was a bird like the flute WITH FISTS@!!@!#!#$ i got pecked on and then hit by the FEG BIRD WITH FISTS so then it died of leufegkemya! KENYAAAAA! and then it was $up3r $\/\/337! Thanks, brah.



$33 @1$0[edit]