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Walls burn, bun, born or move? Can never tell that damn goat is saying.

Slime in the barnyard, when then.

Sandwich casing, sald bnutter milk and eggs sandiwch of 4 for 8 and 2.

In sa a a state of semi-cunonscioues consciosuness at the aforementeoed


t i


me . Neofe the departure.

Sand. made into it b when .

And thjen a man out of wind and fart.

Adding last but n0t first[edit]

Actually, this is first and not alast. But then agina, if one really thinks.

I saw[edit]


thogurh the hallwaus of it?

How youwd that work?

Evaporation, condesncation.

==Clearly, youi were stunned!

NO!!!!!!!! Anrd then, out of nwohere, it happened. Look at it. SONG in my head is oud. Buttons psjomg. It's late and i'm whistling with no tuine particularly. Jed, Jed, Jed, Jed,. Comma period, like a bloat on a snale//nare.

How many minuteses have paseed?

ten or elven, or twelve perhaps dwarves darn alsmot died

liable to be brainwashed with bran flakes or a submlimnal message asking to eat, or at least smell them.

Until not 25, 21! 21, I say![edit]

Distracting healvily. Buuuuuuuuugnnnnnnn!!!!!!! Thje pulsating ushers one into the sweeping....ppoooop. There's a great way to welcome in the nxt, uhm...no one? NMo one? No one? something? LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a heart, actually...never...spleen...DARG!!!! And suvch and so forth the sqeualsing! the squaeals! And no one! NO ONE! DOWN OUR...toilet and so forth. Was that a sexophomne? are they serious? whgen willl it become? hwo many pictures will be left? what is the capital of zimbawe? how many fingers am I holding up? Is that an extra? Can I eat it? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

rockin rocking, sockin boppin...

wwwoppp woop...woopa woopa!

No, not yet. Soon enough, young freind. Youngn Jed. AAAAH! THE DAY BEGIN!!!

Well, here it is. Not whislintg as much, because of how much it clashes. I mean, offensive. Higlhly. Oh, here we go, it's coming! Heck, uh. hec, excuse me, of a good. Way to start if all otu. The new beginning, hurricane. AAAH<

Jarring! "twill scare certain rodenty creatyres,,,,,

Sounds like a drunken seal giving birth in the wind...............

Any more?[edit]

I guess. Swelling like a monstrous turd.

But bigger, epiccer...two cc's of aspirin and a side order of melancholy for the young lady, please...eggs overeasy...well, that softens the blow a tad. Has been aproximately a while since I spilled. bbbbbbbbbbRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOO wish the O's could be bigger without lazy fomratting oh my god it's almost over where are the pregnant seals, where are the pregnant seals, where are the pregnant seals, is that a horseshoe crab, is that a horseshoe crab, is that a horseshoe crab?