10 ways to eat cerial

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1. The Sneak Attack[edit]

Stare intently at the cerial for some time, then suddenly point at something and scream 'HOLY CRAP, SOMETHING WELL WORTH LOOKING AT!'. Whilst the cerial is distracted, consume.

2. Fast Food[edit]

Fire the bowl of cerial at your mouth from a catapult.

3. The Reversal[edit]

Brace yourself in a headstand position and have a friend pour the cerial into your anus.

4. The double take[edit]

Eat the cerial (possibly using one of the above methods) and then regurgitate it. Re-consume.

5. Scare it in[edit]

Have a friend wear a scarey mask and scream at the cerial. Inform the cerial that your mouth would provide suitable protection from this creature, and watch as the cerial makes it's way into your mouth.

6. On Toast[edit]

Place the bowl of cerial on a slice of toast and consume.

7. Epic Battle[edit]

Stage an epic war between man and cerial. remember to use plenty of guns and katanas. For best results, win. Please Note: Failure to win may result in you yourself being eaten by the cerial.

8. The WTFer[edit]

Feed the cerial to a child, then eat the child.

9. Use dental floss[edit]

Eat the cerial using dental floss.

10. Wut[edit]

Have sex with the cerial, then eat it's baby cerials.