10 reasons why England is better than America

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From 10 Reasons Why, because reason is spread by lists
This article ties in with 10 Reasons Why America is Better than England.
  1. Please note: Due to egotistical limitations, this article should be called 10 Reasons Why Everywhere else is Better than America. That is also a reason.
  2. Coffee was adopted by Britain before America, Hooray for hideous stereotypes. Iced Tea FTW.
  3. Stephen Fry == mind over matter, I don't mind, and you don't matter.
  4. Wrong again! the computer was "invented" for the second world war, as a way of decoding the enigma machine. It ran on valves, not transistors, Nobody knew what to do with that marvel for over forty years, thanks to Canada for that, without it, your computer would be the size of a small room, and run at the speed of a pocket calculator.
  5. Pffh, getting a bit ropey here, try a real fact sometime.
  6. Planes had been around for several years in various forms, if anything, all the Americans can be accredited to are control systems for fixed wings, and even then, they got it all a bit wrong. Sorry Guys, this one probably goes to the French.
  7. Touché
  8. Hello? RUGBY ANYONE?!
  9. ahh, a classic case of thinking your cooler.
  10. This concept was made by the Greeks. Testimant to the proof that Americans thinking they can ride in after a war and claim they won it.

Note from the author, nothing personal ;)