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Although round, 100 has baffled number theory students and English majors for many years due to its wildly fluctuating nature. Some reports have put its value as low as 5 and 30, others have placed it as high as 101 and 127 or even higher. Every time the value of 100 is invoked, its meaning is changed, making it a socially dangerous number to talk about. For example, subtle differences in context and culture can change a significant 100 million dollars into a measly 1 billion dollar.

100 In Pop Culture[edit]

  • Number of Senators in Congress (Only if you don't count those pesky non-voting members from territories and places like that)
  • Number of Cents in 1 Dollar
  • Um...Number of Apostles (give or take a few)
  • Um...Age of Yo Mamma (give or take a few (billion) years)
  • The Hundred Years War
  • Number Of Years in a Century +1
  • Number Of Decades in a Millennium +2
  • A Great Combo to get in Dance Dance Revolution
  • A variety of cigarette. The 100 makes it better (possibly 100 times better, unverified)
  • An age people aspire to live up to
  • Maximum number of percent reachable in any situation (regardless of what your boss thinks, insisting that you need to give 110% effort every day)
  • Number of votes Al Gore lost Florida by in the 2000 Presidential Election
  • How much Jessica Alba cost for a 1 minute handjob (trust me i know)

100 in mathematics[edit]

Contary to popular belief, 100 is actually a very valuable number in mathematics mainly because it is an odd and even number. Believe it or not 100X3=300 which were how many Spartans.

Proving 100 is a prime number[edit]

In the English language, prime means something that is quite high in rank. And since the largest amount of percent reachable in any situation is 100% (ergo being the highest) we can prove that 100 is in fact a prime number.