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'Tis four less than even zero, for negative be it. 'Twas once a five below the zeroth mark, but Mister One did with it fuse. And thus was created the Four Negative not you, idiot.

Mister Gorbachev was born in 1872 in the Land of No Return. He did not return from the Land of No Return. The End not you, idiot.

Also, in 1787, the French Guy came overseas to witness the Final Feg to Theg not you, idiot.

Then, I believe that a nukular explosion was witnesst by some seventeenth of Octobre not you, idiot.

Aftrewards, in the yeare of nineteen hundred and twelve, in the jolly month of April, on the day of the fifteenth, did I die, thus, thus, thus, not you, idiot.