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ね (pronounced "cheeseburger") is a Japanese letter and word[1]. The word ね is by far the single most vital word to learn in order to understand the Japanese language. Once you can use ね, you can speak Japanese.

How to use ね in conversation[edit]

See if you can derive the meaning of the powerful word ね from these conversations, written in English but utilizing ね.

JOHNNY: Wanna go see a movie, ね?
SALLY: Yeah, ね!
STEVEN: That Wimpypedia site sure is cool, ね!
PAUL: ね! ね!
JOEY: ね ね ね!
CAROL: ね ね! ね ね ね!
JOEY: ね?
CAROL: ね...
JOHNNY: What are you guys doing in my house?

As you can see, ね is a word that means absolutely nothing; it moves the conversation along without actually requiring its user to exert any sort of mental energy (much like "Eh?"). As such, it fits perfectly in English. Not to mention, öööh, Swedish.

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  1. In some regions, however, it can also mean "giant stone ね." This has quite understandably lead to some confusion.