?News:Duncan Corporation releases Zombie Apocalypse plans

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The Duncan Corporation, famous for several insta-death and suicide products, has recently released blueprint for a zombie apocalypse. Since then, the press (like us) has mangled the story so bad.

Due to this supposed apocalypse, which is likely to evolve into a forum roleplay, many Illogians have taken difficult stances; some wish to defend Illogia, some wish to fend for themselves, and others just don't care.

"It's ridiculous," said Hindleyite, "That people would want to board up on their own. We have to bluff one another work together to survive this." Meanwhile, the Strangled Cat Party's head honcho was unavailable for comment, but his shade-wearing respresentative told us, "Every man for himself." Apathy in Action gave no comment.

Some believers, however, brush away politics.

"I just want to see the sun rise tomorrow," said a nondescript civilian while searching for munitions.