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Per cent (%) is today an obscure mathematical concept created by coatimundis that baffles armadillos and humans to this day.

The symbol is now commonly used only for ASCII art. It is used ironically by birds since it is the exact bird's-eye view of two humans chatting by a fence, presenting a choice of targets. This has happened because of the lost art of understanding "per cent".

For example, per cent was once used to figure tips in restaurants or for services rendered. Fifteen per cent or slightly more used to be the norm. However, about the time Man o' War jellyfish and pythons became common service animals, people became unable to grasp the concept of "per cent", much less "15". Therefore, they would tip any amount, from 5¢ to hundreds of dollars for a burger and a Coke. This not only distorted the interpretation of 15 per cent to others, it created a numerical black hole from which no intelligence could escape. Today, anything can be charged for anything and humans will still pay it as they can no longer do math. It is only their huge salaries as math teachers that allow them to live comfortably in cardboard boxes on the street.